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For those of you ready to tackle the decluttering and organizing on your own, I offer a do-it-yourself organizing consultation and organizing action plan!

How the DIY Organizing Consultation & Organizing Action Plan Works

It starts with a complimentary 30 minute consultation via phone or video chat to discuss your organizing needs.

We then schedule a 90 minute DIY Organizing Consultation (in-person or virtually) based on your needs and schedule.


This DIY Organizing Consultation includes an in-home assessment that involves a tour of all spaces in need of organizing.  I look through each room with you to determine your goals.  We will discuss many things including the flow of items in these spaces, the layout, storage products, and your timeline so I can devise a plan for you to implement organization in each area.


I will then research products and resources to help you reach your organizing goals.  I will create a detailed project plan customized to your life, based on our discussion during the in-home assessment consultation.


After the consultation, you will receive the DIY Organizing Action Plan via e-mail.  This is a detailed written plan that includes room by room instructions, an estimated timeline to undertake this project, storage product suggestions, and recommended local or online resources for decluttering, organizing and improving your home. 


A follow-up accountability phone or video chat will then be scheduled to answer any further questions and help keep you on task! 

Benefits of the DIY Plan

  • You will know where to begin when organizing your home. 
  • You will have a clear map and timeline on how to achieve your organizing goals. 
  • You’ll have a shopping list of storage supplies to improve organization in your home. 
  • You’ll have a list of resources of places to donate, consign, sell or safely dispose of your belongings. 
  • You will have a list of other recommended home services professionals to reach out to in the Raleigh, NC area. You will be referred to other local home experts as needed such as cleaning services, interior designers, junk haulers, home improvement companies and real estate agents, some of whom offer discounts to my clients.

The DIY Plan Will Work Well for You if… 

  • You do not have the need for hands-on professional organizing services.
  • You have the energy and physical ability to do hands-on organizing work by yourself, or with help from supportive friends or family members.
  • You just want a detailed plan to implement on your own.
  • You’re good at working on your own, but you want expert advice and instruction.
  • You are committed to working toward your goal.

DIY Organizing Consultation & Organizing Action Plan Rates


Rates start at $400 *Rates are based on the size of the home.

The DIY Package Includes:


  • An in-person or virtual consultation of up to 90 minutes 
  • Project planning and research. 
  • A detailed written organizing action plan for you to implement on your own. 
  • Storage product suggestions as needed. 
  • Recommended resources. 
  • A follow-up accountability call or video chat.
  •  Travel to and from your home or office (if within the Raleigh, NC service area.) 

Additional Information

In-person DIY Consultations are available in the Raleigh, NC area Saturday & Sunday between 9am and 5pm EST, by appointment. 


Virtual DIY Consultations and the follow-up chat (via phone or video chat) are available Saturday & Sunday between 9am and 5pm EST, by appointment.


Payment is due in full at the time of service via cash, check or credit card for in-person DIY consultations. 


Payment is accepted online via credit card in advance of virtual DIY consultations. 


For more information on DIY services, please contact me for your a complimentary 30 minute consultation chat via phone or video. 

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