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Testimonials from On Task Organizing Clients

After reading about Nancy’s services in the News & Observer, I immediately called her to see if she could help tackle the messy areas in my home that I never seemed to get around to doing on my own. In the last few months, I’ve hired Nancy to address 4 areas of my home that were disorganized and causing me stress for literally years! She has an efficient and professional work process that makes tackling messes logical, easy, and even therapeutic! After our sessions, I would want to walk into the once messy areas (office, garage, changing room, closet) and marvel at how organized they now are. Having an organized home once again can truly make one so much happier! I have recommended her to friends so they can also benefit from the results of working with an organizer as service oriented as Nancy. More recently, I had responsibility for moving my parents out of their condo into a care home. This emotionally draining task that I put off for many weeks was made possible with by calling upon the services of Nancy once again. Thanks for jumpstarting the condo clean-out for my parents.
Grace, Cary, NC
Nancy Haworth certainly helps On Task Organizing live up to its name – in the kindest gentlest, most efficient way possible. I was so glad I asked for Nancy’s help before a cross-country move. She helped me clean out virtually every space in my house – especially the office and the garage. I felt that her help was worth every penny I paid. She sets the bar for professionalism in any profession! She’s energetic and nonjudgmental, encouraging and efficient.  She will take your things to Goodwill or pitch giant bagfuls into the garbage or recycling. Best of all, she’s a patient teacher, helping you gain some skills you never had but always wished you did.
Kathy, Raleigh, NC
Nancy at On Task Organizing helped us after we moved into our new home in Fuquay. We got frustrated with trying to downsize into our kitchen, Nancy tackled that and now everything has its place. She also helped us make room for both our cars in our garage. Nancy is coming back to help us for more organizing. After each organizing session she takes our donated stuff to Goodwill for us, brings back the receipt and sends us an email suggesting what organizing gizmos we should get!
Evan, Fuquay-Varina, NC
On Task Organizing is wonderful! I called On Task Organizing because my family had just moved from out of state to a rental house in Raleigh, and it was taking longer than anticipated to unpack. Nancy provided organizing advice and helped me unpack and find places for everything. At the end of each of our sessions, she took items that I had decided to donate to a local charity. My household is more organized than ever, and as a result, our next move should run more smoothly. I highly recommend this service!
Sophia, Raleigh, NC
Whatever your reason for not calling her yet — go ahead and call her! Nancy is so patient and reasonable. She looks at your space with new and creative eyes. She moved me past seemingly insurmountable challenges in organizing a lot of stuff in a small space and set me on the path to handling more of the work on my own. A clothing issue that I had spent hours on was cleared in thirty minutes. She can get you going on (and probably through!) nearly any organizational, space, or clutter challenge.
Summerlin, Raleigh, NC
My husband and I just moved into our home, and it is bigger than the last which sounded great! Until I was working in the new kitchen and found that I was constantly walking around, going to opposite ends of the kitchen for simple tools and not working efficiently. Nancy came in and has revolutionized how I work in my own kitchen, how I store non-essential kitchen appliances, and how I use my pantry. Her work was so impressive that I asked her to come back for another session to work on a utility closet, the garage and we even had time to organize the outside freezer. I learned that having more space, doesn’t solve all problems and typical “closet/pantry organizers” that cost a lot of money don’t do any good if you aren’t organized beforehand. I highly recommend hiring Nancy to help you get organized.
Andrea, Wake Forest, NC
I would highly recommend Nancy and On Task Organizing. In four 3 hour sessions, we were able to accomplish a tremendous amount. I feel great joy and peace walking in each area that we worked on. She even spent an afternoon with our eleven year old helping her create an organization system for her room. She loved it too and that’s a miracle!
K.A., Raleigh, NC
Nancy Haworth is as good as it gets. I first used her services to help me prepare for a down sizing move. Then again to help me set up in my new and much smaller place and just recently to help me organized all of my IRA related paperwork. She is a professional and possesses a calm but determined manner which encourages you when you want to throw up your hands and say “I quit” Her suggestions and solutions have really worked for me and I haven’t changed a thing. She is well prepared and professional. The pay off for her services is more than an organized home or business, it’s the peace of mind that comes with workable organization. Her non judgmental demeanor helps when it comes to getting rid of items that have emotional attachments. I could say more but she is worth every penny I have spent.
Karen, Chapel Hill, NC
Nancy has transformed my house and my sense of well-being. I love how easy it is to find things and how tranquil my home feels. It was well worth the time and money.
Alan, Chapel Hill, NC
Nancy came in and helped me unpack our new place so we got to feel at home in just 1 week instead of living out of boxes for months. She helped us reduce the stuff we had just been carrying from move to move and gave great ideas for getting and keeping our new space organized. Highly recommended!
Laura, Raleigh, NC
Nancy has helped me change my habits to become more tidy, which helps me keep my life in order, and that’s an amazing feeling.  I have become an example for my children by showing them how to keep their things in order.  It really feels great that I have control of my mess, unlike before when my mess had control of me, and honestly it made me miserable. I look forward to coming home laying down on my bed without a bunch of stuff surrounding me. Nancy is amazing, and I’m very thankful for her organizing services!
S.B., Raleigh, NC
Nancy helped me get my whole house organized in advance of my daughter’s wedding. Her calm, professional, and non-judgmental approach helped me accomplish what I had been unable to do on my own. I regularly said I would work X number of hours on the house only to either not work that long or to find other (and yes, more fun) things to do. Having Nancy work beside me guaranteed that I would stick to the tasks at hand and could stop at a mutually agreed upon time. Now I come home to a peaceful home that is way easier to keep organized now that it is organized. And my kids will not be able to call in one of those hoarding television shows!
Julie, Raleigh, NC
Nancy Haworth did an outstanding job of organizing my home after moving in. The movers unpacked me, which meant I had piles of stuff everywhere to put away, and Nancy took care of it all. She’s fast and efficient, and worth every penny!
Judy, Clayton, NC
We originally hired Nancy to help us organize my mom’s house before we packed it up and sold it. She was a God-send! It was a very emotional task and Nancy’s calm and capable spirit really helped to lower my stress. She did an awesome job of reducing decades of treasures and junk into manageable groupings that I could handle.  Skip forward a year, and my husband and I realized that we, having put our lives on hold for my parents for a couple of years, needed to declutter our own neglected home.  Nancy came back to the rescue and helped us sort through tons of paperwork and other junk. Again, she not only helped us physically sort through stuff but she also helped us deal with the emotional stress of trying to decide what to keep and what to throw out. We highly recommend Nancy – she is highly competent and very easy to work with! 
Helena, Durham, NC
I’m a very organized person but was still able to utilize Nancy for four hours to make my kitchen make more sense and change up a few things in my closet and office. Just goes to show that even an expert can hire an expert and find things to improve!
Marcey Rader, Productivity and Health Consultant, Raleigh, NC
 Since we live in a 1920’s bungalow where storage and livability have always been an issue. Nancy has enabled us to really and truly enjoy living in our quirky little antique in a way that designers and housekeepers could not provide. Her ability to quickly tackle even the most complicated and difficult assignments efficiently and professionally has made the world of difference for us in a short amount of time. Definitely the best home-improvement money I’ve ever spent. 
Andrea, Raleigh, NC
Nancy was a real pleasure to work with and was truly everything I could have hoped for in an organizer. She was patient and really got to know me and how I needed things to be organized so that it would work for me. The time we spent together was always productive and she was willing and able to pick up things or move them when I needed her to. She takes donations at the end of each session and it was a huge help and made a big impact on our progress. My study had completely taken over the dining room and two rooms upstairs. We were able to go through everything and set up a functioning study and then we tackled the garage. My house and garage look great!
Kristen, Chapel Hill, NC
Nancy always arrives promptly and truly keeps the session moving ‘on task’! She leaves the work area tidy and with notes for follow-up. She’s always pleasant and non-judgmental about decisions-she helps you make YOUR decisions. She helps you find solutions that work for you.
Sarah, Cary, NC
Preparing to sell your house for a move is a challenging task. You have to thoroughly commit to paring down and accept the fact that any excess clutter or hints of disorganization will most certainly impede the process of the sale, and at worst, could drive away potential buyers altogether. Step one was tackling my home office. Enter Nancy Haworth and the rest is organizational history. She has a keen eye for maximizing the potential for your space, listens well, and generously offers suggestions that support you in your vision.
Paul, Cary, NC
Nancy spoke to a large group of women at our church about how to organize clutter and personal belongings using her experience in organizing many different spaces for clients.  We all left encouraged and motivated to improve our own spaces using her simple and effective strategies.
Olivia, Raleigh, NC
Nancy Haworth of On Task Organizing has helped me for five years. I have a collection of flotsam and jetsam which gets unruly at times. Nancy is a cheerful taskmaster who helps clutterbugs straighten their mess out. I feel refreshed, restored and renewed after her visits.She works efficiently and non-judgmentally, which makes her a pleasure to be around. 
Rock, Raleigh, NC
As my daughter has gotten to late elementary school age, it has gotten more difficult for her to keep her room clean. I knew that it was because she simply had too much stuff in her room that she didn’t use. However, I didn’t have the time or energy to tackle what I felt was an overwhelming project. Nancy from On Task Organizing was extremely helpful for us! She talked with both of us on our goals for the room. She then worked with me and my daughter to decide what we wanted to keep, donate, or trash. She was very non-judgmental during this process, which I felt was of utmost importance to keep my daughter an engaged and active participant, not resisting the process. We emphasized to my daughter that she wouldn’t have to get rid of anything that she wanted to keep, and I tried to stay back, and let her work with Nancy, only coming in when she couldn’t decide if she wanted something. She ended up getting rid of a lot of toys and things from when she was younger. We then were able to organize her remaining items. Nancy also gave tips and ideas to keep organized. The room is so much better now! She is easily able to keep it clean, because everything has a place now. We’re all happy that there is much less stress about her keeping her room clean. Thanks, Nancy!
Angela, Morrisville, NC
Nancy inspired confidence in our de-cluttering project from the start. I was amazed at what we accomplished in just two short hours—from a disorganized, end-of-the-day dumping station to a well-labeled, one-stop location for sorting out the materials of day-to-day operations: mail, receipts, change, documents, scribbled notes, sunglasses, etc. The good thing is the organization has held up—because Nancy had us sort things logically and then labeled the containers, we’ve been able to keep the area as neat as when she left it.
Margaret, Raleigh, NC
The laundry room and home office were both a mess. Piles of “stuff” everywhere. Although I kind of knew where things were if I had to put my hands on them, it was getting frustrating. Nancy came in and helped us get rid of stuff we really didn’t need or weren’t using any more. She was very patient with us and really made us understand how all the clutter was draining us.
Lynne, New Hill, NC
Nancy definitely helps you to stay “on-task” when it comes to organizing! On the day we planned for our my organizing session, Nancy arrived ready to go to work. We spent a while walking through my house and stopping at all the trouble spots I had: pantry, garage, coat closets, etc. She took notes as we went along – listening to my frustrations and making suggestions. After we made the grand tour, we focused on my craft room, which is actually only a closet that I’ve crammed all my craft materials into. Nancy planned a systematic approach to taking everything out of the closet, sorting it, sifting through it for anything that could be thrown away, given away, or moved to another room. She had a label-maker ready to go and we labeled some tubs as soon as we were ready to put things back in the closet. We repurposed a small bookcase that wasn’t being used elsewhere in the house and organized the newly labeled small tubs within it. I can’t believe the difference we made in such a short time. My craft space really feels like a room now instead of a closet and all of my most frequently used materials and tools are at my fingertips! Nancy’s work didn’t stop there. She actually left with the items we deemed fit to give away and dropped them off at a donation center. Then, a few days after her visit to my house, she sent me an email listing all of her suggestions for how to better organize my problem areas, complete with links for specific items she recommended. I can’t begin to describe how happy I am with the service Nancy provided. She is a consummate professional and wonderful to work with!
Kelly, Raleigh, NC