Storing & Organizing Bulk Items

Storing & Organizing Bulk Items Title

Storing & Organizing Bulk Items

Many of my clients find that shopping at bulk discount stores such as BJ’s, Costco or Sam’s Club saves them both money and time.  Shopping in bulk does not save space though, so storing bulk items can sometimes be a challenge.  Here are some tips on shopping in bulk and ways to store and organize bulk items:

Only Buy Items if You have Storage Space

When shopping at bulk discount stores, only buy items if you have enough storage space.  If you buy too much, your own home may begin to look like a store with pallets of cans and packs of paper goods taking over floor space.

Keep Track of Your Supply

Keep track of how long it takes you to use up a bulk supply of items, then schedule your future trips accordingly.  Perhaps shopping in bulk once per month or once per quarter will work well, depending on your available storage space, budget and schedule.

Make a Shopping List

Make a list of what you need before shopping in bulk.  It can be very easy to overspend in a warehouse discount store.  Making a list and sticking to it will help you save money.

Consider the Climate of Your Storage Area

For items that do not need to be in climate controlled areas, such as paper towels, you may want to store those on a labeled shelf in a garage, basement or attic.  It is best to store food and perishable items indoors in a climate controlled area.

Repurpose an Extra Room or Closet for Storage

If you have the space in a bonus room or spare bedroom closet, install extra shelving and make this your bulk storage closet.  There’s no need to install permanent shelves, freestanding shelving such as this wire shelving or plastic shelving can work well for this purpose.

Look Upwards for Extra Storage

Utilize the very top shelves of your pantry, laundry closet or linen closet to store overflow bulk purchases.  If you have space on top of your kitchen cabinets, some bulk items can be stored there in decorative baskets or fabric bins.

Make Use of Shelves, Racks & Tiered Shelving

For canned goods, wire racks like this, or tiered shelves make it easier to see what you have in stock.

Contain Items by Category

Use bins to contain smaller items by type on shelves.  For items such as toiletries, sort by category and use small bins to contain these items on the shelves.

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