Preparing to Downsize

Preparing to Downsize title

Preparing to Downsize

If you’ve decided that it is time to downsize, there are several steps to work through this process.   I often work with organizing clients in the midst of downsizing or rightsizing.  Here are some things to consider as you shift from a large home to a smaller space.

The Benefits of Downsizing

First, consider the many benefits of moving to a smaller space.  Perhaps you will be closer to family members, there will be less space to clean, less space to maintain, and less or no yard work.  The costs for some utilities may be lower.  You may be in a safer environment in a space that is easier to navigate.  With less space and less stuff to manage, you will find more time to spend doing the things you enjoy.

Decide on a Time-Frame

Getting to that place is a life changing event, it may not be easy, but it will be worth it.  Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to downsize, consider the time-frame.  How quickly you want or need to move, and what are the low stress steps to getting you there?

The Start of a New Chapter in Your Life

Once the time-frame is set, you can begin to think about this new chapter in your life. What will you want to bring with you and what can you part with?

Take an Inventory of Your Home

Walk through each room in your home, look in every closet and drawer to get an inventory of what you own.    If there are any items your family or friends may want, offer those things to them now.

Determine Valuables You Want to Sell

If there are furniture pieces or valuable belongings you’d like to sell, work with an estate sale company, or perhaps use Craigslist, Facebook groups or online neighborhood message boards to sell those items.

Designate a Space for Donations

Set aside one space or room to gather any possible donations, and be ready to call a charity to pick those up, or make a trip to a nearby donation center once you’ve decluttered your home.

Take One Room at a Time

Work through the decluttering process one room at a time.  Unless under a tight time frame, declutter for 2 to 3 hours a day so it won’t be too overwhelming or exhausting.  Next week, I will discuss specific areas and items to declutter when downsizing.

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Nancy Haworth is a Professional Organizer and Owner of On Task Organizing, LLC located in Raleigh, North Carolina. She assists residential clients throughout the area in organizing homes, decluttering, moving, and managing time. She has been a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers since 2011.

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